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As a company with vision and responsibility towards our environment, it is of great importance to us to offer sustainable packaging solutions that also perfectly protect our customers’ sensitive formulations and do not compromise in terms of value and function.

Appealing look

Resource-friendly and degradable

Recycled or recyclable

Perfect protection function

Certified standards

It is one of our future tasks to support the general rejection of plastic in the cosmetics industry and to provide innovative packaging solutions. In this way, we can minimise the polluting use of materials and increasingly strive for sustainable plastic-free solutions, such as the use of compostable paper in our packaging. Working with our manufacturers, we have developed various alternatives for our portfolio under strict quality regulations and standards.

Products with PCR (Post Consumer Recycling) or PIR (Post Industrial Recycling)

Many of our manufacturers now offer their standard packaging with a recycling content of 35%-100%. The availability of this PCR or PIR packaging depends on the producers and production sites in question.



  • No special tools necessary
  • Quick implementation
  • Wide range of products
  • Saves resources


Products made from recycled ABS, PET or PP that are very well received by consumers include lipsticks, cosmetic containers and bottles.

Our Go Green products are made from bio-based plastics: a mix of conventional plastic, recycled plastic and up to 50% organic material such as ground-up plant fibres, bamboo stalks, leaves and husks of corn, rice or grain.



  • Saves around 50% compared to conventional plastic granulate
  • More resource-efficient and climate-friendly (30-70% fewer CO2 emissions)
  • Compostable
  • The bio-plastic we use has a decay time of 1 year
  • Lower risk for recovery and transport
  • Our partner production facility in China holds ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification

Cosmetic packaging made from 100% paper

Innovative and pure organic packaging variants made of 100% paper have exceptional environmentally compatible properties and are ideal for use for particularly sustainable packaging. The basic materials of our paper packaging consist entirely of natural resources and are 100% compostable. Paper packaging is particularly suitable for push-up lipsticks, slip lid jars and cosmetic palettes, among other things.



  • Plastic-free
  • No tools necessary, therefore the form & size can be defined as you wish
  • Wrap-around printing
  • Small quantities possible
  • Compostable


Pure organic variants of cosmetic packaging made from 100% natural raw materials with bamboo and wood fibres are currently in the test phase at our manufacturers. Please feel free to ask for the current status.

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